Our restaurant is known for providing some of the best value food in Phuket. Try our delicious imported steaks from only 400 Baht, or our renowned Thai food. Phuket is famous for seafood (it is an island after all), so we have fresh shrimps, crab and squid cooked by our talented chef.

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Phuket is Thailand's largest island and is widely known as a tourist attraction. The wealth of natural beauty on the island includes white sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea.

The guest rooms at Southern Fried Rice are clean, spacious and comfortable, ranging from the budget Traveller's Lodge to the luxury Kai Suite.

Our restaurant features Thai, vegetarian and international cuisine, and offers great tasting food at incomparable value.

When you are not on the beach or enjoying the nightlife, we have chess sets, pool table 40' plasma TV screens, and other entertainment available.